Top Places To View The Perseids Meteor Shower

Every year, the Perseids Meteor Shower takes place in the second week of August. Anyone who wishes to see it is in luck, especially those who live around Wasatch County. We have compiled a list of our favorite places to view the Perseids weekend.

If you are going camping or just want a good picnic spot, try Brighton Ski Resort. It has an altitude level high enough that the sky will be dark enough to see meteors and it’s not bad for getting away from city lights. One negative is if it’s cold out, but it will still be much warmer than being down in town. There are also several restaurants on-site so you won’t go hungry or thirsty while watching the Perseid meteor shower.

The other option, Quality Inn Downtown Salt Lake City offers amazing views in every direction—including downtown SLC. This location is within walking distance of The Gateway Mall , allowing guests to grab food before they head up to their rooms/condo units. Guests can also walk to the Gallivan Center which is an awesome view of Salt Lake City’s night sky.

The rooms are extremely affordable, and the location offers a spectacular view of the Perseids Meteor Shower. Our prime location makes us ideal for visitors interested in viewing the Perseids Meteor Shower this coming summer!

Duncan Town Park is also another great Perseids meteor shower location. It has beautiful scenery and plenty of space for you and many friends to camp out comfortably. The Perseid meteor shower is one of those things that people like to spend time with their family doing, especially since it will be dark early enough so that everyone can see what they’re looking at without suffering from insomnia. There are restrooms available at Duncan Town Park if you need to use one. The Perseids Meteor Shower is caused by the Perseus constellation passing close to Earth, and all of its members leave visible streaks. This year we are expecting a good meteor shower peak from midnight on August 12th into the morning of August 13th.

The Perseid meteor shower is named after Perseus in Greek mythology as they appear to come from that direction. They move across the sky at approximately 37 miles per second! Make sure to take lots of pictures because you will not want to miss out on such an awesome experience!

Brandon Hepner, Owner of Rock Run Physical Therapy, a Wasatch County Utah business. Is excited to take his kids up to the mountains to view the event! “We try our best to get out as much as we can as a family. The Perseids Event is one of those things that we look forward to each year!”…

Utah Camping

Outdoor Activities That Can Make Your Getaway in Utah Fun!

Utah is a state that has been highly recognized for its well-maintained natural beauty. When you run out of things to do in Utah, and you will eventually unless you plan your trip way beforehand, there are some outdoor activities that can occupy your time.


Utah is a place where you get to experience the outdoors and be one with nature.  Hiking trails are scattered throughout the state, giving you ample opportunities to explore and enjoy what it has in store for you.

The most popular hiking activities are:

Fred’s Canyon- Hikers can go through this canyon for as long as they want while enjoying stunning views of the canyon at every mile. Bryce Canyon- Hikers will love this hike because they have to traverse a 1-mile trail filled with geological formations that make them feel like rock stars. Waterfalls hikes- The majority of Utah would not exist if there weren’t waterfalls in the first place. So why not try hiking up a waterfall? Not only is it great exercise but the refreshing water is a great way to cool off after the trip.

Rim Trail- Hike through this trail to see granitic rock and gneiss formations, which are among the state’s oldest rock formations. However, it should be noted that hiking this trail should be done with proper equipment so as not to slip or fall down the steep cliffs.

Rim Rock Nature Loop- Hikers can enjoy 360-degree views of Utah’s scenery through this easy hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon that does not require any climbing experience at all.

Mountain Biking

One of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in Utah is mountain biking.  There are plenty of great bike trails that would allow you to enjoy your trip while weeding yourself from the crowd. A few good places for a mountain biking adventure include:

Red Rock Canyon- It has everything you could dream of for an ideal trip; red rocks, picnic areas, and most importantly, fantastic mountain biking trails. This place is worth visiting if you’re into challenging yourself when it comes out riding a bike. The best part about this area is that it’s located just 40 minutes away from Salt Lake City!

Skull Valley- If you want to find these fun-filled trails then all you need to do is drive on I-15 and head towards Salt Lake City. The trails are perfect for those that would want to explore and ride on the bike over rocky terrain.

Summit County- This place is popular among mountain bikers and hikers alike because of its trail diversity. If you’re up for a challenge then this is the right place to go because there are plenty of difficult routes, however, if you’re not into it then there are also ‘easy’ routes that can be tackled at your own pace.


Do you want to spend time with your family and friends while enjoying the wonders of nature? If so, then Utah is the place for you. The state has some great skiing opportunities that can make your trip amazing! If you’re into snowboarding or skiing then stay at one of these places:

Utah’s ski resorts are open all year round and offer a lot more than just rich powdery snow.  If miles of black-diamond slopes aren’t enough reason to visit the state then maybe these will pique your interest; I mean who doesn’t like hot cocoa in front of a fire pit after an exhilarating day of downhill?

Such amenities are available to all those who visit the state and are one of the reasons why so many ski enthusiasts flock to Utah whenever they get a chance.  If you’re in for an adventure then don’t forget to empty out your pockets because that’s where your money will go.

Snowbasin Resort is an amazing option just 30 min East of Ogden and Rock Run Physical Therapy. This is where ski enthusiast and Owner Brandon Hepner spends most of his winter.

In conclusion, Utah has a lot to offer every outdoor enthusiast.  The state is jam-packed with opportunities for fun and entertainment in the outdoors. And if you’re looking for a place where you can just relax after a day of exhausting activities then Utah has several spots that would suit your needs.

If possible, I would recommend that you visit the state during summer because there are plenty of spots that would allow you to enjoy the wonders of nature.  However, if you want to go winter then I suggest bringing an extra layer or two because chills are on the horizon.

Utah is probably one of those states that most people don’t know a lot about but it’s definitely one state you should visit and take advantage of all its goodness.  Have fun exploring Utah!

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake and All The Hidden Gems!

The Great Salt Lake is the eighth-largest saltwater lake in the world, located less than 60 miles from the metropolitan area of the town I live and work. It’s also a great place to get some fresh air, go for a walk or bike ride on the shoreline trail that circles the entire shores of the mighty lake.

On my last visit to The Great Salt Lake was this past fall when we were conducting bird surveys around the vicinity of Rocky Run Reservoir where there are nesting colonies of migratory birds. We discovered several new species during those surveys including Yellow Warblers, Blue Grosbeaks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and more!

I have to admit the yellow warblers were some of my favorite discoveries because the males are the only birds with bright yellow feathers and they do this beautiful song that sounds a lot like our national anthem.

I’ve also been to the Great Salt Lake many times for work too–Rock Run Physical Therapy is just up the road from the lake in Roy, UT so I see it often!

At the Great Salt Lake, there is always something new to explore or enjoy whether you’re looking at its vast shoreline, taking in some wildlife during birding tours on one of the other islands located within the lake (Brigham Island was my favorite), biking around as well as near Rocky Run Reservoir, or even watching planes take off and land at Hill Air Force Base which sits right next door. Who knows what jet or the variety of the wildlife you’ll see!

The Great Salt Lake is one of the most underrated gems in the state, but it’s also the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi.

It’s a great place to go hiking, camping, birding or just take a kayak out for an adventure with friends and family.

Utah has so many hidden gems everywhere that are easy to miss if we’re not looking closely enough. The Great Salt Lake may be overlooked by some Utahns-but it shouldn’t be! It offers something new for everyone who visits this magnificent body of water which covers over 190 square miles (500 km) and reaches depths up to 45 meters (150 ft).

I hope my blog post today inspires people to get outside and explore because the backcountry of Utah is the best place to do just that!…

Adventure Activities That Can Make Your Getaway in North America Special

North America is an extremely large continent located entirely inside the Northern Hemisphere and within the Western Hemisphere. It is also described as the northern hemisphere’s mid-latitude continent. This means that it is in the middle latitudes between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle.

This article will share with you adventure activities you should try out in North America. 

  • Hiking

There are many activities which can be done in North America. For hiking the best spots are those near the Canadian border. Hiking here will provide you with excellent views of the natural beauty of this continent. In addition to seeing natural beauty, hiking in the Pacific Northwest will offer you many wonderful sights of the forested mountain peaks of this region. Hiking in Oregon, on the other hand, will allow you to see the beautiful Oregon Cascades. You will find numerous other places in North America where hiking and other outdoor adventures can be enjoyed.

  • Outdoor Adventures 

A few of the popular hiking and other outdoor adventures in North America include; kayaking down the river, rafting down the river, camping in a tent, mountain biking, and climbing the tallest mountains in the region. All these outdoor activities are available in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the states of Washington, British Columbia, and Ontario are considered to be the top 10 solo travel destinations in North America. In Washington State, you can visit the Mount Rainier National Park, the Space Needle, and the Olympic Mountain. Among the best rivers to kayak along are the Skagit and Klamath Rivers. The Olympic Peninsula and the Canadian Rockies have some of the best mountain biking trails.

  • Camping & Related Activities 

There are numerous locations in the Pacific Northwest where you can go for camping or hiking activities like; Lake Placid, Truro and Grantsville for those who wish to getaway in the wilderness. If you are a beach bum, you can visit beaches like Portola Island, Long Beach, Jupiter Inlet, Estero, and Mission Bay. For more of nature-based activities like; fishing, canoeing, and fly fishing, you can visit Tillamook and Walla. There are several camping grounds in and around these destinations where you can enjoy your stay.

Parting Shot

If you are searching for a getaway in North America, you can search on the Internet to find so many different places to choose from. All you need to do is to look for all-inclusive packages that will give you everything you need to enjoy your vacation. With all-inclusive packages, you will be able to save a lot of money, since you will not need to pay for any accommodation, meals, drinks, activities like shopping, etc. You can easily spend your savings on other adventure activities like scuba diving, hiking, camping and sightseeing.

You can visit National Parks like Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, and Fish Cabinet for those who love wildlife. If you want to have a getaway in North America without spending much, try the eco-tours. Several tour groups offer tours on foot through forestation and historical areas in North America. You can see spectacular wildlife such as bears, elk, moose, deer, turtles, fish, birds, and other interesting animals while enjoying nature-based activities. If spending some time outdoors, you may want to check out ways in which you can prevent injury. Rock Run Physical Therapy located in Layton, Roy, and Syracuse UT can help!